Desert Trip 2018


Visiting Grand Canyon had been a dream of mine for quite a long time but it wasn’t until the autumn of 2017 that I started to realize it was about to come true! Around that time my brother Branimir and I were planning our next trip to California and by the end of November we had our round-trip flights already booked. We were both excited about visiting our dear uncle, aunt and cousins for another full month – from the middle of March until the middle of April the following year.
As soon as we knew the exact dates of our forthcoming stay, we started to discuss ideas (together with our cousin Manol) concerning the usual around-one-week-long trip to a specific US destination that takes place every time we go to the California (in addition to the multiple daily trips around the SF Bay Area). Thanks to this wonderful tradition we’ve been able to see amazing places such as the Yosemite National Park, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Carmel, and many others.
This time, though, we aimed at even more attractive and remote destination – the magnificent Grand Canyon – which would turn out to be the climax of probably the most exciting journeys we’ve ever had. A journey that we called Desert Trip 2018!


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