This page seeks to promote my willingness to cooperate with people having related interests or sharing similar artistic views! Those of you who are interested in collaborations or exchanging ideas associated with photography, music, traveling, exploring new places, etc., or who are looking for specific services/assistance/advice related to the fields below, are kindly welcomed to contact me for further discussions! Here are some of the highlights:    

  • Digital Photography/Videography

    • Outdoor/indoor (ambient) portrait sessions
    • Travel/street/landscape photography 
    • Urban exploration (abandoned) photography projects
    • Videography projects related to music videos or various ambient clips using vintage (analog) lens
  • 35mm film photography

    • Color or B&W outdoor/indoor 35mm film photography
    • 35mm film (analog) portrait sessions  
    • Developing & scanning of 35mm film negatives  
    • Darkroom printing (B&W negatives)
  • Medium format (120) film photography

    • Color or B&W outdoor/indoor 120-film photography (6×7)
    • 120-film (6×7) portrait sessions 
    • Developing and scanning of 120-film negatives (6×7)
    • Expired 120-film shooting and developing
  • Musical collaborations

    • Playing/recording/producing musical covers or original stuff
    • Home studio-related musical projects/activities (available equipment: digital keyboard, acoustic guitar, el. guitar, bass, microphone, audio interfaces, monitors, etc.) 
  • Traveling, hiking & exploring

    • Exploring various places such as mountains, villages, abandoned sites, etc. for touristic or art collaboration purposes

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