In Reflection

In Reflection is an original musical project founded by Manol Z. Manolov and myself in the winter of 2016, in Santa Clara, California.
Drawing as much influence from Opeth and Amorphis as from Chopin and Pink Floyd, the endeavor offers an experimental, open-minded and conscious take on heavy music. Equal part brutality and beauty, In Reflection’s material is an outlet for creativity, but also a commentary on today’s chaotic world and a contemplation upon events of humanity’s turbulent history.
The project is based upon a different, modular delivery of material – in place of packaging a large number of songs in album form, each year sees the release of a small number of individual tracks, often one or two, that are accompanied by a music video fully produced by the band.
With one pole in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other in Sofia, Bulgaria, In Reflection is in the perfect position to establish a new set of rules for creative expression and liberate the concept of what a musical group is supposed to be.

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